Twitch To Take Legal Actions Against View Bots


One of the major issues among streamers on the favorite streaming website Twitch is bots. I’m not discussing the bots that manages chats and channels, but way more the bots you can’t independently explain. Certain streamers, lesser known streamers typically, go to third-party websites and purchase bots that will enhance their viewers and follower significantly which can provide them an unfair increase. This may make them sponsorships and money. It is obviously a massive issue because this means people are cheating the operational system in a major way.

Twitch Against Bots

People also use bots and send them towards other streamers so that it appears like they’re botting however in simple fact, it’s some mean people looking to get someone restricted from Twitch.

Twitch has been breaking down on specific streamers, but it is becoming such an enormous phenomenon that it is extremely difficult to remove every streamer who uses bots. Today, Twitch has declared via a writing that they can be seeking the folks who are leading to the condition, the websites offering the bots.

“Today we have been adding another lawyer. Were taking the next phase toward guarding Twitch visitors and broadcasters from the detrimental effects of this type of destructive activity by firmly taking open public legal action against seven of the very most active retailers of viewbot services.” Said Twitch’s SVP of marketing, Matthew DiPietro.


This is an enormous move by Twitch by heading right to the heart and soul of the problem and taking it out. Certainly, there it’s still people who find ways to bot, but this will decrease the naggingTwi problem significantly. We wish Twitch all the best taking on this problem that is poisonous for the streaming community.


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